This tool cannot be used with your browser. Please view the tool in a browser that supports Canvas.

How to Use This Tool

Hints & Tips

  • You'll get better results if you crop your image in advance to focus on the part you need, and reduce the number of colours used if possible.
  • If you want a particular colour but it isn't surviving the conversion process, try filling the background of the image in with that colour beforehand to force it through.
  • This tool is designed to assist you in drawing patterns in the game, and as such, it does not support QR Code output.
  • The Classic version of the tool is provided for those users who are more used to the older version.

Recommended/supported browsers

  • Google Chrome 7 ~
  • Firefox 4 ~
  • Internet Explorer 10 ~
  • Opera 12 ~ (Mac version not supported due to API bug)
  • Safari 6 ~


The Animal Crossing: New Leaf Custom Design Assistant is provided free of charge by nanoway. nanoway assumes no responsibility for data loss or any other issues arising from the use of this tool. Use at your own risk.

New Pattern - Select Image

Drag and drop an image here,
or click for a file chooser dialog box!

Use an image (including data URI schemes) from the web. Images cannot be sourced from pages requiring authentication or access credentials.

Conversion Settings

  • Choose Image